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Eleven's & Twenty-two's

Multiple 2's were always evident in my childhood but I never gave it a second thought growing up. I even remember having a knowing that our hotel room number was going to be 222 before leaving on a trip back in high school. I thought it was just lady luck with the room number and not knowing it was divinely orchestrated for I had no knowledge or exposure to learning more about angelic or the spirit realms around us or that spirit helps us in our daily lives or what numerology was let alone a "life path" number.

I remember I was only weeks into my grief and it was a Friday in March of 2014. I remember hurrying to leave work for my husband and daughter had arranged to have some of ADam's friends over for a get together to reminisce...a healing party if you will. I remember walking out to the parking lot and there it was larger than life, an SUV with the windows painted parked right next to me with the name Adam and #22. Not only did ADam make sure that they parked next to me so I would notice it that Friday but for the next 5 Fridays they parked by me with the paint still brightly spelling out Adam and #22! I began noticing more multiple 2's in my surroundings after that. My insurance card, my credit card, prescription bottles, and even my own license plate. Not only 2's but multiple 1's were appearing so often that I took notice and would even tell those around me! I even recall asking my husband after Adam passed for his passcode to his phone and he replied 1122! The repetitive numbers were constant and I knew they were from ADam but had no understanding of the meaning. We sought out a psychic medium for guidance a few times after Adam's passing and the session that my husband attended with me was a huge page turner for us. Right away she asked for our date of births and ADam's date of birth. She told us that my husband's life path number was 22 and mine was 11 both being master numbers. What did this mean? All I understood of what she explained then was that we had pre-planned before being born to experience huge loss in this life, to make it through and create a better life and a deeper understanding of ourselves in order to help others by being more compassionate and loving. Little did I know this was going to open up an even bigger door for me. I love my numbers, they are a major part of my everyday life. I see numeric patterns in everything now, sometimes so easily and other times ADam has to nudge me to see it!

I encourage all of you to open your hearts and minds to number patterns and sequences. Are these special dates that your loved ones are sending you? A significant meaning that you instantly think of when you notice the pattern? Our Angels, guides and our spirit teams are constantly surrounding us for we are all energetically connected. Numbers are a fun and tangible way of receiving signs, validations and messages from them. ADam and I are encouraging you to strengthen your communication with your loved ones by making it fun. Learning more about the universal law of attraction will be instrumental. Build your communication with numbers by googling Angel Numbers, Spirit Numbers and Numerology and learning the basic meanings and build off of them. You may just be as surprised as I was on what I had been missing out on. Oh, and by way it is 11-22 today!

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