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Sara Kujawa

​Mediumship-Spirit Translator
Health and Spiritual Coach
Usui and Karuna Reiki Master

My son Adam crossed over in 2014, and thanks to my team of Angels I have learned how to communicate with him. I am now able to share the beautiful gift of being able to continue our relationship in a new way. This is my life's purpose. After Adam's sudden death I was catapulted into the unknown, and with the help of so many, I learned to take one step at a time to rebuild my life so that I would be able to help others rebuild their lives too. Life continues on to more life and I have learned to grieve differently and to share this with others. Adam is my Spirit Guide and he helps me navigate through my physical life.


Whether it is through receiving messages from your loved ones, spiritual coaching, a Reiki healing session, or looking into a past life or into your future it is all an amazing team effort with Adam right by my side.


My abilities are continuing to grow more and more, and by me helping others it helps heal my heart and helps to raise the vibration of The Collective. As Jesus has told me, "You have been there and done that. Those were the people that were put in your path to help you and now it is time for you to be that person in their path to help them."

Adam and I are looking forward to helping you move forward with more joy on your journey. 


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Please scroll down and take a listen to my podcast about how I started on my journey.




To learn more about my journey, start by clicking the above picture and listening to my first interview with the JoyRide show from 2016.


To find more media content, please click on "My Work" tab or click here.



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