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Mediumship & Guidance - One Hour $85.00
Reiki Session - Half Hour $45.00
Or Clarity Follow-Up Session - Half Hour $45.00

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Mediumship-Spirit Translator

Receive channeled messages from your loved ones and guides to help you move forward in your life. It could be helping you recognize your life's purpose or helping you to recognize and release blockages like a pattern from another (past) incarnation that is affecting you in this life.

Spiritual Grief Counseling

Receive guidance from your spirit team to help you move forward with more ease. Tips and suggestions to help lift the grief so you are able to feel your loved ones presence assisting you.

Arch Angel Reiki

Arch Angel Reiki is a beautiful natural high frequency Angelic healing. It is a powerful treatment that focuses on root causes. I look forward to sending you healing and receiving a divine message which will include the names of the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters who are assisting you at this time. Thirty minute session.

Spiritual Coach

Receive channeled messages on how to connect and build a deeper more personal relationship with your spirit team and have fun in the process.

Health Coach

Receive channeled tips and suggestions on how to aid and assist you in being the best and the healthiest that you can be through nutrition, exercise, essential oils, vitamins and or supplements. The suggestions are a great way to help you get in touch with your body and to help enhance the natural flow of energy. 

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