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ADam Was Born A Healer

ADam was born on November 13, 1985 in Houston, Texas. He was born a healer. My mother passed from cancer at the same hospital that I delivered ADam at three weeks before. His birth brought our family back together and helped mend our broken hearts. ADam came into this world wearing a smile and wore that smile for 28 amazing years. He died instantly as a result of a tragic work accident on January 9, 2014. I miss him physically beyond any words can express but I truly know that he is always just a thought away helping me, loving me, and guiding me on my life's journey. In his short life he lived it full throttle and any of his friends and family can attest to that! He loved so many and referred to each of his friends as his "best" friend. ADam has taught me that life continues on to more life and that I can continue a relationship with him...just in a different way. And the key to this is LOVE. Love connects us all. Reflecting back i can see how he not only came into this world when he did to help heal my family but to spread love and laughter in everyone's lives. Here is the kicker, he continues to do so! ADam helps me to help heal others through his love, his humor and his hashtags! In my future posts I will share more on how I did grief differently and how ADam and my family in heaven helped me every step of the way. xxo

P.S. As if Adam wasn't a short enough name it wasn't soon into his childhood we shortened it to one syllable.

# ADamliveson

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