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Checkered Flag Collection

ADam was very passionate about racing. It was in his blood so to speak. He began racing go karts at the age of 8 and quickly found his place in the sport and dominated his field. He drove up the ranks and traveled the country competing in many sanctioned events including nationals. With his dad by his side every lap of the way footing the bills, they were working on motors and wrenching the kart. Many great memories were had behind the wheel and in the pits. ADam moved up to Legend cars as a teen then eventually went from behind the wheel to helping behind the scenes in the pit with his friend, his cohort Jason who drove the heck out of his late model car. Nothing could ever replace ADam on the track and all the great times, great food, great conversations and the good looking female fans at the track. (Thanks for that insight ADam about the women)

Even now with ADam in the spirit realm he nudges me to sit and watch racing with his dad. He will let me know which driver is in the lead and sometimes even who is going to cross the finish line before the end of the race. He still has his passions and racing being one of them. Life is like an oval track he says and life just continues on to more life. He wants us to know whether literally or figuratively he is still nuts about speed.

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