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Valentine's Day Significance

February 14th is such a fun holiday. Growing up in the 60's sharing candy and exchanging cards at school was always such a special exciting day. It was always a day to look forward to as the new year began. Valentine's Day 2014 was completely different for me though. I was deep in sorrow and it was the day that I spent at the funeral home designing and ordering ADam's headstone.

My sister and niece helped me design a really cool headstone made out of unpolished granite. It was a big redish brown colored rock symbolizing his personality and strength. Yes, I am very visual so focusing on the exact shape for it to be chizzled, the dimensions, the font and font size was like the last "motherly" thing for me to do. Well, I thought it was the last motherly thing I would do. Nope, not at all. It was just the closing of the chapter of those morbid sad thoughts that I had learned in my youth on death. That Valentine's Day 2014 was not an ending at all. I was starting a new chapter, a fast page turner if you will of learning about heaven and the afterlife and where ADam was.

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