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A Message from ADam

You can do all things through the vibration of love. Love is the super glue that bonds us all together. Love all others but you gotta love yourself first and foremost or you just can’t.

Secondly, get out and play more! Maybe play some Frisbee golf, drink a little if you want, smoke a little if you want, whatever it is, just be yourself!

Remember BE U! If you are afraid of others judging you, then isn’t that being hypocritical cause that means you are judging them for judging you? It’s a two way street ya know.

It’s ok to cross over the line on the pavement now and then but pay attention, be alert, be supportive and responsive. Be the best driver by BEing U, it’s your vehicle your driving in! Your body IS your physical mode of transportation.

You can’t compete against me though. I AM the world’s best race car driver you know!

Well, except my buddy here Dale Earnhardt. He’s given me a few tips and pointers.

All in all, make each day count. Leave it all out on the track. No regrets. Learn how to turn heads and be the best driver on your track in life.

Ladies and Gents... start your engines!


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