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First Signs From ADam

We were not notified of ADam's passing until the following morning because of the ongoing investigation on the work site. I had just finished reading Theresa Caputo's book hours before and it was on our coffee table. After receiving the devastating news, I sat on the couch in disbelief and in shock not even being able to shed a tear yet. I remember Larry walking in and kicking the coffee table and the only thing that flew off the table was Theresa's book and it was cover up facing me and my daughter. I stared at it for a few seconds leaned over and picked it up and slung it across the room. I knew it was a sign from ADam... You see ADam knew I was a fan of Theresa Caputo's Long Island Medium show and he knew that I had just gone to her live gallery reading event. It was not until later on that I checked the date and that the event was exactly a month before Adam's passing. This was the universe preparing me. Seeing Theresa in person give so many grieving family members especially parents beautiful healing messages was so heart warming. And some messages were quite humorous and I remember thinking to myself this is one strong lady. That journey of letting go of old beliefs and of me forming my own belief system including knowing that communicating with heaven was possible started years before ADam's passing and it was all to prepare me. To help give me the tools to grieve differently. And grieve differently I did. xxo

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