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Shifting Gears

From the day that Adam was born I just knew he would have a short life. I carried this worrisome burden with me everyday. Some days I was more aware of it more than other days but still it was deep inside. I was in grief from my mother's death weeks before ADam's birth so I felt that was part of it. I attributed it to him being my first born, my mischievous one, the one who liked to take things apart to see the inner workings, the one who loved speed an always seeking adventure. For me as his mother, I learned and carried that feeling deep inside my body for I knew no other way than accepting and carrying it. Soon after Adam's death the pieces began falling into place. I carried that energy of "knowing" he was going to have a short life because this was something he and I had agreed on, on a soul level. Our life events are a series of serendipities, synchronicities, karma balances, all universally lined up by the law of attraction. He and I pre-planned this life so my family and I could experience on a soul level the deep intense grief and overcome it. Our souls agreed on this not only to learn how to help heal ourselves but in turn help others heal through sharing ADam's physical life experiences with others and sharing our beautiful ADam afterlife experiences. All our experiences are for our souls to grow and to become more compassionate and loving of ourselves and in turn more compassionate and loving of others. It is a crazy ride we are on. ADam is in the drivers seat saying, "Mom, I have just shifted gears that's all."

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