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We Are Not Our Body

I was raised Catholic with the knowing that heaven did exist and that we were taught this through Jesus's teachings yet society taught me otherwise. We are so much more than our body. Our body is just that, a vehicle to help us have this physical and emotional experience. Our soul, our personality, our memories do not reside in our physical body but in our energetic body. We are, after all, made of energy as Einstein taught us decades ago. Yet in our culture many of us feel when that person's body dies that we can no longer communicate or have a relationship with them. I am proof of the otherwise. My family members, friends and several of ADam's friends receive their own messages and indisputable signs from him proving that we can continue to have a relationship with him and it is all beautiful. Letting go of fears created by society and the culture we live in and step into faith and love, that will help strengthen that bond of true knowing that we do continue on just in a different way. And that we are eternal beings just like Jesus taught us. Change is inevitable for we are not the same body as we were as a baby or as a grade schooler and I certainly am not the same after becoming a mother. We cannot stop the flow of life but we can learn by choosing not to resist, to move forward and to strive to be a better person than we were yesterday. Today I chose not to resist what to write about in this post for my initial thoughts were to write more on the intimate details surrounding ADam's death and our travels to Colorado to bring his body home but my inner being says to go with the flow and not resist. Trusting in that whatever comes through me is for the highest and best.

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