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ADam And The Astros

With all the positive energy still floating around the Houston area after the Astros won the World Series, I took a step back first to relish in it and also to get ADam's take on it. ADam had always been an avid fan of the team since he was a little boy. Many memories of him surrounding the Astros including ADam taking me to legendary Jeff Bagwell's retirement game. During this seasons world series games, ADam would nudge me during the game to keep me interested. Whether by giving me insights on the score or if we were going to get a base hit or a home run! This was a totally different take on the games for me for here I was reminiscing about all the great memories ADam created around the team in his life and yet my son is creating new memories with me as the Astros were getting ready to win the World Series. ADam was talking to me a lot during game 5 of the series with the Dodgers. During the 8th inning I went into my room to lay down for a few minutes and he said so loud and clear with a bit of sarcasm, "What are you doing? Get up, you are going to miss it!" So I went back out into the family room in time to enjoy them pull off a huge victory in extra innings ! From ADam's perspective he can see the trajectory of the ball and how the energy is going to play out so I ask to see and feel how the plays are going to unfold. Only when I want to though for it takes away from the surprise element and the fun of being in the moment! I did ask who was going to win the pennant even though I was of course rooting for our home team. There are so many factors in a win for so many energies surround the players and the spectators. I wanted to know, yet I did not want to know the final outcome of the series beforehand. I did see it playing out the other direction during the final game but was that because of my energy not whole heartedly believing? I think not, I believe it was ADam who wanted me to keep my element of surprise. Wink-wink.


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