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Celebrating ADam's Day Of Birth

Some of you may be wondering how we celebrate ADam's birthday after his physical death and I would love to share just how we do it. We celebrate his day of birth differently each year but we always have a cake with lit candles and we still continue to sing Happy Birthday to him. His first birthday after he passed was extra special and I will share more about the amazing experience my husband and I had with our granddaughter in a future post. The part that has changed now on his day of birth celebration is not having his physical body present for us to see and interact with as a family. Rest assured he is there with us in spirit with every monumental moment, every highlight, every milestone. How do I know that for sure? For he tells me, he shows me, and through Jesus's teachings I have faith and trust that what I sense, feel, see and hear is real. Jesus has shared with me so many life lessons and he continues to do so. Through his writings I have learned that ADam is still a major part of our lives. That he is a multi dimensional being meaning that can be in many places at the same time just as Jesus is omnipresent. This is our true being as well, our higherself, our spirit form or whatever terminology you want to use. ADam is more of himself than he was, he is his true self just more. We are all an expression of God Source energy in physical and non physical. He left his emotional baggage behind on the earthly plane with his earthly body for it can serve no purpose in the vibrational plane that he is in now. He continues to teach us from the other side of the veil as he did in his physical body, how to be a better more loving and forgiving human being. To be the best that we can be. To love more unconditionally of ourselves and of all others. He is still the ADam that we all know and love and he is and will always be one of my greatest joys and greatest teachers.

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