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Angels All Around Me

Several months after ADam transitioned while learning about energy healing and all the beautiful benefits, I was introduced to the Arch Angels. Arch Angels are beautiful energy beings who assist us behind the scenes so to live our lives more fully and more present. What a gift it was for me to gain a better understanding and better knowledge of how they help us. On how they help us manifest just what it is that we desire in life. Whatever frequency or vibration that we reside in is what is brought into our present reality. Be it uplifting or not it is a choice that we make by setting our intent and broadcasting our energy waves. There are many, many Arch Angels, some which you learned about as a child. And there are many others who you can reach out to and learn more about through them. They are there to assist us and help us have the best life that we could possibly ever desire. Try tapping into their energies and begin communicating with them on a more personal level. Enjoy basking in their energies as well and you will be delighted that you did.

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