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Four Year Deathiversary

Last night marked the four year anniversary of ADam's physical death. I was receiving messages from AD throughout the day through with a few tears here and there. Having one foot in and one foot out can be sucky once in awhile but I am getting stronger with it everyday. I am so grateful for the ability to keep my balance between the two realms. What a gift ADam was and still is in our lives. So full of love, spunk and humor in his life and continues to prove this from heaven that he is the same...just more. We decided to go to his favorite Sushi restaurant in the area where he had frequented. I am not a fan of sushi nor do I like the sights and smells of sushi but ADam is helping me to overcome it and desensitize me! I am fortunate enough to have a lovely group of like minded friends to go to lunch with and celebrate ADam's anniversary with. We appropriately celebrated on 1-11 at 11:11 and ADam even flipped the bill. Thanks ADam for continuing to show me that life continues on you have a better line of credit in heaven. We celebrated the week by drinking Fireball to honor him, to eating his favorite foods, listening to his silly childhood birthday song that I played almost ever year of his life, to reminiscing over all the amazing Facebook posts and photos honoring him as well as all the beautiful private messages we received from family and friends that so helped us get through the day with a little more ease.

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